Cities: Skylines Asks If You Are Ready For Your Earthquake!

That is an awfully nice city you have there…

Well after this expansion ‘had’ might be a better word to use. Much to the glee of more than a few city builder fans, environmental destruction is making its way through your blue city skyline. Announced today, Paradox Plaza and Colossal Order have chosen to provide you with the power to reign havoc down on your unsuspecting citizens. Muahahaha!? Cities: Skylines is getting destructive.

This expansion does not just bring willy-nilly wanton destruction. While random natural events will be able to grind your city to a halt, players are also given the power of the gods, and can strike down their wrath at any time. Of course, it is essential that you give your poor peons a chance for survival. As such, as part of the expansion, players will now be able to build infrastructure that will help these little ants survive the crushing forces of nature.

Early warning systems can be deployed to give your people those vital extra minutes required to find shelter. Call for evacuations and summon disaster response units to help manage the disaster. Keep an eye on the notices for important warning signs. For example, if someone twitters “Comet Sighted”, you may want to get the popcorn out.  Of course, it becomes important that you suffering civvies are able to access your warnings. The new radio tool will not only allow you to play Achy Breaky Heart, but also let people know that Justin Beiber is on the loose and dangerous (and so where to find the nearest fire).

While this new expansion is all about destruction, there is a certain element on construction that comes out of it. Apart from the regular rebuilding after a cataclysmic event, players are now able to create their own scenarios. While there is little detail given about the kind of flexibility that would be presented to the player, it seems that they will be able to make whatever they like in a free build style mode.

This scenario builder becomes much more powerful again when it comes to managing the new cities with the new disasters. I am looking forward to seeing my city burn, but then get rebuilt. May all the brave men, women and pixels be forever remembered for their great sacrifices. Check out their announcement trailer below:

Also can also check out their reveal stream: