Check Out Character Creation In Tyranny

The next asymmetric RPG coming our way from our beloved publisher, Paradox Plaza, is Tyranny. I only talked about it a couple of days ago when we looked at their first dev diary. This time, coming out of Gamescon is a trailer that explores a critical component of any RPG title, the character creation.


Initially, at least, the process of creating you avatar is quite standard. You get given a naked-ish character to which you can manipulate as many ways as you like. You can choose between male and female, and many difference skin tones. After you choose this initial base, you can then jump into the face, hair, beard and voice. Pretty standard fare so far.

From here you start building the life of your character. Why did you join the army? What is your favourite method of slaughter? What is your banner? This is all about defining your personality. As per any good RPG this does take it a step further. Choices made at this point will not only create lore, but also impact your characters skills. You will find that each choice will give you skill points that will apply across a range of talents and abilities. This means that for those players who like to min-max, that they have a lot of power.

Finally, we get to assign skill points directly. Paradox and Obsidian have attempted to move away from the tradition 6 attributes and instead have created their own. This was done in an attempt to give players the power to cripple themselves in one area, to boost themselves in another without risking the creation of a glass cannon. Skills are treated in much the same way as other RPG titles, you have a list of what you can do, and you increase numbers to do it better.

They go over the full (or at least, most) of the process in the video put out today. Check it out below and hear what the devs have to say about it…

While I think that a large portion of this process is quite standard, I think that there are a decent number of variations to the standard formula to make it different. The biggest draw to this game is the manner in which it throws you into being the bad guy, something that I think is much harder to convey at this point of the game. We will learn much more as the news for this game develops.

What do you think of this so far? Are you excited for a future under Tyranny?