Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Gundam Vs.

At Sony’s Tokyo Game Show Press Conference, publisher Bandai Namco took the stage to reveal its latest Gundam title. As part of a celebration of the 15th anniversary of Gundam Vs., a series of fighting games based off the long-running anime franchise, Bandai Namco will be working on a “new generation Gundam Vs.” for the PlayStation 4.

The trailer above takes us through the long-running series of Gundam VS. All the way from 2001 to 2012 before finally showing new gameplay from the upcoming Gundam VS. for Playstation 4.

Some new game footage in the trailer above shows realistic building destruction as a Gundam smashes through a city while fighting another giant mobile unit, we also get a quick glimpse at some of the special abilities used by different Gundams. It is clear that Bandai Namco have taken advantage of the new hardware and has made some serious upgrades. The new game looks better than ever and is surely utilising the power of the new system.

At the end of the trailer, instead of a launch date, we are left with a message GUNDAM VERSUS LAUNCHES WITH YOU. At the moment we are unsure what this means but we will be sure to let you know as soon as we find out more.