Cause A Stir For The Canberra Game Devs

Fledgling game developers do it tough. It is an uphill battle all the way. Taking games to the point of release is often an achievement in its own right. This is one of the reasons why there are often funds that are out there to help support people who are trying to create and forge a new path.

Canberra has some great funding tools available to people across all industries, but like many states, very little is targeted at the devs who, in our biased opinion, deserve it most. To that end I ask that you readers check out the website, Stir provides an avenue for entrepreneurs to get some funding to help support their projects. They offer out $1000 grants to projects that garner the most support by the voting public.

While I could bluntly say:

“Go vote for all the games”

I won’t. Instead I encourage everyone to go and check it out, and vote for all the projects that you think look interesting. There are some fantastic causes that all deserve a little funding boost and there are plenty of grants to go around. If you want a say though, you will have to act quickly as the voting does close soon. You only have 3 days!

Check it out now!