Canberra Readies Up For PAX Australia At Reload

PAX Australia is quickly approaching, it is only sitting at a little over three weeks away. For many of the exhibitors it means that there is an awful lot to prepare and fractionally too little time to do it in.

In order to help prepare the Canberrian exhibitors for the big show, Reload Bar & Games put together a warm up event. It was an opportunity for everyone to get out there and practice selling their game. While only about half of those demonstrating their games would also be doing so at PAX Australia, I believe that it will prove amazing  to everyone involved. It proved to be a fantastic simulation of the kind of attention that they would likely receive.

The mingling crowd

One half of the Bar space

Unfortunately I was not able to stay for a huge amount of time, but as of my departure, there were more than 30 people checking out the 11 or so titles that were on show. A fantastic turn out for the start of the night.

There were a few stand out titles that I want to see more of when PAX Australia rolls around. The biggest surprise of the night for me was the aptly named Dismantled: Construct Carnage.

Limbs cover the floor in Dismantled: Construct Carnage

Limbs cover the floor in Dismantled: Construct Carnage

Made by Canberra the studio Great Helm, Dismantled has you playing in a fairly literal robot rumble. You will rapidly find yourself tearing off enemies limbs and beating them to death with the loose arm or leg. We will be bringing you more about this title at PAX. Another attendee we will be looking at a little more later is called The Incredible Journey of You and I. This title could not be much more of a contrast. It is a simple puzzle game best played cooperatively between 2 people. Once again Shy Kids Club will be showing this off at PAX  so we will share more about it then.

Thanks must also go out to Reload Bar & Games and the Canberra game development community for putting together this event for everyone. Thanks Chaps!