Call of Duty 4 Remastered Receives a New Trailer Along with PS4 pro Support Details

Remember Call of Duty 4? Yeah I member! Sorry, I just watched the latest South Park episode and all I could think about while watching this trailer was those damn ‘Member Berries. Anyway, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered is set to launch next week alongside Infinite Warfare, so it’s fitting we receive some more pretty graphics to amp the anticipation. Check it out below:

Additionally, in a PlayStation Blog post, Sony’s Sid Shuman spoke to Raven Software and they explained how Modern Warfare Remastered will feature PlayStation 4 Pro support.

There isn’t much to go on just yet, but so far we know that with the PlayStation 4 Pro, the game will:

“support for richer textures and dynamic 4K graphics on top of the series’ signature fluid framerate”

In order to play Modern Warfare Remastered you will need to pre-order either the Legacy Edition ($80 USD) or the Digital Deluxe Edition ($100 USD), and those who pre-order on PlayStation 4 can play the campaign now!