Bots conquer Sanctuary!

The robot apocalypse is almost here, bots have already conquered the great land of Tristram. Players are starting to rebel and are trying to return peace to the otherwise violent and bloody lands. How are they fighting back? Well, they have written a letter…

Diablo 3, while not having the strongest launch, has a strong and loyal player base.  There have been many great updates over the last few years that have turned it into a solid experience. The more dedicated players are now finding that botting software is becoming increasingly common in the world.  Last season was completed with bots taking many of the top spots on the ladder.

There are records of players being on the game for upwards of 12 hours a day, with some being as high as 23 hours a day.  These of course become more ludicrous when people realise that these are people with jobs and school.  There is little doubt that people use bots.  There are even records of streamers using them while they are not streaming.

This of course is against the EULA of Diablo 3 and as such players are calling on Blizzard to start stomping down on these less scrupulous people. Last season was owned by bots as a consequence of Blizzards inaction.

In the open letter penned to Blizzard there are some suggestions put forward for ways to deal with these people.  The most interesting suggestion I thought was the idea that the banning waves are carried out shortly before the end of each season.  This would mean that they get booted from the ladder at a stage where it is impossible to cheat their way back to the top.

You can read more about this from the Diablo Fans website.

Julian out….