Blizzard Denies Diablo 4 Rumours

Blizzard Entertainment – the Santa Claus of the gaming industry – have blessed us with such gifts as Warcraft, Overwatch, and Diablo, but like a weird, parallel version of the Grinch, have recently denied speculation that Blizzard is working on any games for the Diablo Franchise.

David Brevik, co-founder of Blizzard North, delivered the bad news on Twitter yesterday:

The original rumors began when many believed that a new Diablo game or an HD remaster of Diablo 2 would be announced at Blizzcon 2016. 

These rumors were strengthened when Rhykker, a famous YouTuber, was gifted some promotional loot in preparation for Blizzcon. In this video, the YouTuber explains the swag included a few die, one of which was a D4 (a four-sided die), which many believed was hinting at the possibility of Diablo 4. Unfortunately, the numbers on the die were misprinted (instead of three “1”s featuring at the bottom of three sides of the die as per normal, there are two “1”s and a single “4”) and were meant to print the starting date of Blizzcon (November 4th,) oops.

However, more credible sources began to support the theory when David Brevik, project leader of Diablo 2, and Bill Roper, former vice president of Blizzard North and senior producer of Diablo 2, appeared at Blizzard’s California premises this month.

It also didn’t help Blizzard’s defense when Brevik posted this image on his twitter:

I feel like Brevik’s ‘star gazing’ post felt like he was adding fuel to the fire and encouraging fans of Diablo to conspire theories and rumors of a possible Diablo 4 because we are a passionate bunch and will take any news we can get and run with it.

However, unfortunately, it looks like we will have to wait at least until November 4th.