Big Boys Toys In Canberra

If you like fighting robots, if like things that go fast and things that are big, or even if you just like seeing people prove their prowess at a range of endeavours, then you should be heading to EPIC park in Canberra. All of these and more is happening at the same time at the same place and together they look to be building towards one heck of a show. Come and enjoy some Big Boys Toys

There are so many events happening that I would struggle to list exactly what is going on. To see all of the exhibitors attending just go to the ‘What’s on’ page. However, for an event with such a large number of things happening, everyone is bound to have their favourites. The ones that I suggest you check out are:

  1. Robowars

Everyone loves a good bout of metal on metal. Shards will fly, wheels will spin, and many contenders will hope that they can leave the arena in the same number of pieces as they entered.

The recent resurgence of the robot battling arena, it is an absolute pleasure to see the national finals held in the nations capital. There will be many smaller events throughout the day, but the big bouts will need extra tickets.

2. Khanacross

The first question you will likely ask yourself is “What is Khanacross?” This is a reasonable question, one best answered with the comparison to the British Rallycross. Basically it is car racing across a variety of surfaces.

The main difference is that you get to drive. Race your friends, and the rest of the attendees, and see how fast you can go. If you are suitably fast there may even be prizes heading your way.

3.  Remote control… everything!

Do you like drones? They have them! Do you like remote control trucks? They have them. If you want it, the odds are that someone will be showing it.

4. HTC Vive (and other simulators)

Have you had a chance to try VR yet? If not then this might be your chance. Coming to Big Boys Toys is a racing car VR simulator. RacecentreVR aims to show off how immersive VR can be, and how it can not only be used for playing games, but professional training.

Alongside this there is also a glider simulator. Jump into the cockpit and experience how it feels to fly a glider.

5. Cars, bikes, and boats and more

There are car driving demonstrations. Car and motorbike displays. There are car accessories. I don’t think I can do it justice trying to describe the amount of car related things happening. My suggestion is that if you like cars, you might just want to think about popping around. You will most likely find something that will make you salivate!

While these may be my top 5, there are many other things happening that all look just as interesting. If you want to find out more or pick up tickets just head to their website and you will be able to find out all the extra information you will need.

In the meantime, check out the chaos in this short video showing those sparks fly!