Big Boss Battle Update Coming to Minecraft

If you’re bored of the old fashioned surviving-in-a-cave-in-the-middle-of-the-ocean gameplay of Minecraft, then get excited for the next big update for the resource management, pixel world, Boss Battles!

Announced in a blog made by an actual coal miner’s daughter, a couple of new bosses are entering the game! Ocean monuments, which have been in the game previously, are discoverable deep in the water biomes of your Minecraft seed. They may contain super rare items or nothing at all, but they’ll also contain these giant Guardian creatures, with lasers on their heads, who don’t want you looting their homes. If you can get through the Guardians, get ready to face the Elder Guardian!


Ocean Monument

If you’re playing Minecraft on mobile or PC, you can face a new Wither boss mob. If defeated, you collect the Nether Star, which can be used to craft beacons!

If you’re a creative player, you get to craft using brand new blocks at the introduction of this update. You can decorate with sponges. SPONGES!

Not only all this, but if you enjoy fiddling with the insides of Minecraft, they’ve made it easier with over 20 slash commands, rather than going into the options menu.

If you’ve got the Microsoft Windows PC, mobile Pocket Edition, or the Gear VR Edition, this update will be free and arriving in the Spring here in Australia. If you’re running on the Android version of Pocket Edition, you can head to the open beta TODAY and help them out with whatever bugs you find! Head over HERE for more information.