Beyond Good and Evil 2 is Finally Revealed

Confirmed to be under development at the Ubisoft Montpellier studio back in October 2016, Beyond Good and Evil 2 was not expected to be seen at E3 at all. In fact, director Michel Ancel actively warned fans to not get their hopes up.

Despite the confusing title, Beyond Good and Evil 2 was revealed to not be a direct sequel to the first game, but instead, a prequel taking place before the original protagonist, Jade, was even born. The new characters introduced in the trailer look immediately familiar to fans of the original. It feels as though they took some of the original designs and respectfully brought them into 2017.

Even back in the day, Beyond Good and Evil was very stylised with its character designs, and it still looks great now. This teaser truly feels like the sequel we were all waiting for, but at the same time, much more grown up.  Check it out below:

After the trailer, Ancel came on stage to talk about how they are adapting the title to make it more appealing to a modern audience. He explained the development team’s feelings, that because the protagonists are searching for a home among the stars, it was appropriate to make the game a seamless online world, encouraging players to explore and discover planets together.

Whilst it’s a neat way to ensure the title remains relevant in 2017 (or whenever it gets released), fans of the original may feel that these attempts to reinvent the series, will only dilute the unique style of the game. Perhaps another example of a confusing reinvention is the monkey character we meet in the trailer, Knox. It was odd that the character swears profusely throughout the entire trailer.

I personally felt comfortable with the series maturing with its fans, but I can totally see how it might be off-putting to some. Either way, I really dig the vibes of the trailer, and eagerly anticipate a gameplay reveal, although we may be some ways off.