Bethesda Press Conference Recap E3 2016

Bethesda don’t mess around, besides a rather lengthy prelude and a late start, they came out swinging. Once again, we’re summarising every conference with a recap! Just click on the headings and you’ll be taken straight to the articles.

Or just check out our recap video!

Bethesda Tease a New Wolfenstein Game

Headings speak exactly 6 words.

Quake Champions Reveal

MORE HERO SHOOTERS! I wonder how long this has been in the works for.

Prey Reveal

It wasn’t a huuuuge surprise, but pretty exciting nonetheless. Pretty good header image aye?

Elder Scrolls: Legends Trailer

The card game we’ve all been anticipating.

Fallout 4 DLC and Fallout Shelter Expansion

Turns out the Fallout 4 base building was pretty popular. Get excited for some more stuff!

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Remastered

Better graphics, improved performance, console mod support!

Doom Multiplayer Content, Try Doom for Free

id are trying to correct Doom multiplayer it seems. Also free stuff is never a bad thing.

Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood DLC

Bethesda are continuing to support their 2014 MMORPG.

Fallout 4 And Doom Coming To HTC Vive

Could be just what VR needs.

Dishonoured 2 Gameplay Footage and Trailer

We got a lot of Dishonoured 2 stuff today guys. It’s High Noon…