Battlefield 1’s Beta the Biggest in EA’s History With 13.2 Million Players


In the weeks after Battlefield 1‘s open beta finished, there has been lots of hype around the upcoming game. One reason for this is because so many people actually played the beta.

EA has released an infographic with some of the most interesting stats discovered. The game has become EA’s biggest beta in their history with 13.2 million total players. Think about that. “That’s more than double the strength of the British and Ottoman Empire deployed in the middle east during World War 1.”

The stats released shows most popular class deployed, with Assault being the most popular at 30%, closely followed by Scout at 28%, Support at 21%, and finally, Medic at 10%, with the remaining 11% deployed as Tankers/Pilots/Cavalry classes.

Another interesting fact was that there were 28.9 million Melee kills, 62.2 million kills while on a horse, 13 million kills scored by the armored train, and 23.8 million road kills.

The full game will be available worldwide on October 21st for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, but if you can’t wait for that, it’s available through EA Access and Origin Access on October 13th.