Battleborn Is Releasing a Free Multiplayer Mode Along with Paid DLC

It’s no secret that Gearbox is struggling to keep Battleborn, its FPS-Action-MOBA afloat amidst the rising storm of more popular shooters out there. While the first story-based DLC is set to release on the 13th of October, a new multiplayer mode, Face Off, will be launching side by side.


Face Off is a free 5v5 competitive mode whereby two teams are tasked to defeat hordes of Varselsi (who get tougher each time), and deliver their masks to a central collector. Basically, imagine a standard survival-based horde-mode, except with another team that you may encounter and have to fight at the same time. Varselsi masks can be stolen from other players, so the incentive to engage the other team is there, especially if they’ve recently acquired a substantial amount.

I understand the goal here, entice former players to return to the game with a neat new multiplayer mode they can try for free. Hopefully they reignite some form of passion for the game beyond the initial release of Face Off, which will inevitably become old and boring. As for bringing in new players, it’ll be interesting to see Gearbox’s attempts to reignite some love for the game during the coming onslaught of multiplayer first-person shooters.

Face Off is free for everyone who owns Battleborn and releases on the 13th of October alongside the DLC Story Operation, “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion”.