Axiom Verge is Coming to Wii U

Axiom Verge, the indie, Metroidvania, action-adventure game from developer Tom Happ, is coming to the Wii U eShop on September 1st!

In a post made on the Axiom Verge website, Happ posts it “Feels like coming home…”. He states:

“When I first announced Axiom Verge about 4 years ago, there was tremendous excitement from Nintendo fans who had been waiting for years for a true 2D Metroid-style action/adventure/exploration game. Because of some technical issues, however, I wasn’t able to launch it on a Nintendo platform straight away. Some people were understandably upset…”

Axiom Verge_20150404184939

Happ was the sole… I mean, everything really; designer, programmer, and musician for Axiom Verge. Happ says:

“So for so many reasons, Axiom Verge truly belongs on a Nintendo platform. It was only because of Blitworks’ amazing technical skill that we were able to make that happen, and I’m grateful for their work on the pixel-perfect port. Even though the game’s been out for a little while on other systems, the Wii U version is probably the best one. It’s the only console version to support leaderboards for the dedicated Speedrun Mode. And the Wii U GamePad will allow people to have the world map viewable at all times without pausing the game – or to play Off-TV.

It’s been too long in coming, but Axiom Verge is finally home.”

Axiom Verge released originally on PC, March 31st, 2015.