Australian Developed Game, Submerged, is Now on the iOS Store

Australian made, dystopian, 3rd-person exploration game, Submerged, has made its way to the iOS app store!

Developed by Australian-based Uppercut GamesSubmerged is a game following Miku, a young girl who has arrived in a sunken city to find supplies to save her dying, younger brother. The world of Submerged may look a little familiar to us Australian residents as the environment is occupied by Australian landmarks; Sydney Harbour Bridge is drowned underneath the waterline in one spot, with Canberra’s Telstra Tower inundated in another.

If you’re not sure how the game holds up on PC, you can read Julian’s review HERE!

You can find Submerged on the iOS app store for $7.99. It was released on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 August last year.