Astrobase Commander Kickstarter to Ending Soon

I will unashamedly state that I have already put some money behind the Jellyfish games. It is really rare to see a game come to Kickstarter with such a clear level of polish. While it was only a couple of weeks ago that I first wrote about this title I feel it is time to bring a little more attention to it now as the campaign now enters it’s final few days.

Currently sitting at a little over 75% of the target met, in three days they are asking for a small $10 000. To help with this final push I have compiled below for you a link of all the videos that they have released showing off the game over the course of the Kickstarter.

If you feel that this game is something which would be up your alley then you should head over to their campaign page and stick a couple of $$ down. They (and I as someone who really wants to play this) would be super appreciative!