Astrobase Command returns to Kickstarter

UPDATE: The Kickstarter is now live! Check it out now.

It seems like it has been an aeon since I first tried to back this title on Kickstarter. Actually, it is not that it just feels like it has been a long time, it has been a long time. First put out there in by Jellyfish Games in November of 2013, it has now been 3.5 years since the idea was floated out into space. This time around they are hoping to be pulled back in and get the funding that they need to see the project through to completion.

Set in the depths of space, this title aims to recreate the experience of a true redcoat experience from the 70’s and 80’s. Explore planets, manage the station, build relationships, and wage war. The narrative centred design places you at the helm of a constantly evolving world, respond, dictate how the story will end.

I feel as though I would only do a poor job of explaining much more of what to expect, so instead enjoy the Kickstarter trailer which I think demonstrates exactly where they intend to take this from now:

Their new campaign is due to launch tomorrow, so I would suggest you check it out when it launches. I will update this as soon as there is a page, in the meantime, hope over and check out the Astrobase Command website.