Ascend Into Ascension VR

There are two big deck building games. One is called Dominion, one is called Ascension. Dominion is a very pure experience. Chance has been carefully managed and everyone is always playing from the same foundation. Ascension, on the other hand, loves to throw a little chaos into the mix. The cards players build decks with are in constant flux, each player changing and manipulating them.

While these two games share some fairly significant elements, they each also hold their own in the right format. Dominion works really well with a lot of people, Ascension on the other hand is practically made for duels. Each of these games has, therefor, forged its place within the digital sphere. It is the latest move from Ascension that really tries to push the boundaries. It is coming to VR.

Coming with this adaption are both single and multiplayer modes. While the multiplayer will be limited to other players of the VR version, I am very pleased that at least the option is included. I also know from many years playing the single player mode on the Android version that this too can be a very enjoyable experience. Needless to say, I am excited to leap into this new version!

You can find out more information about it from their website.