Alola Forms, Z-Moves, and New Pokémon Revealed for Pokémon Sun and Moon

Yes! There’s brand new information for Pokémon Sun and Moon and this one is a biggen. Want the rundown? Here it is:

Some Pokémon have Alola Forms now, where they look different because of how they’ve adapted to the island. First on the list? Brace yourselves…


This Exeggutor has grown an extra long neck and an extra head on its tail for some reason! Something about being closer to the sun, I presume. Not only that but its type was changed from Psychic/Grass to Dragon/Grass, with the new ability Frisk, where the Pokémon can check the foe’s held item.

Not only Exeggutor but Vulpix and Ninetails have changed as well, from Fire-Type to Ice-Type! And aren’t they more majestic than ever? Vulpix is now straight Ice-Type, while Ninetails has gone the combo Fairy/Fire-Type, with the ability Snow Cloak, where the Pokémon evasiveness is raised in a hailstorm.


Sandshrew and Sandslash have also undergone changes, turning from Ground-Type to Ice/Steel-Type, also with the ability Snow Cloak.


Some new Pokémon were announced, as well as some evolutions and pre-evolutions to previously announced Pokémon.

First off is a colourful and cultured bird, Oricorio with four different forms, Fire/Flying, Electric/Flying, Psychic/Flying and Ghost/Flying. Its ability is Dancer which copies dance moves of other Pokémon. (Get it? They’re dancers!)

Next, we see Minior, a Rock/Flying meteor/mineral Pokémon with the ability Shields Down. With the Shields Down Ability, it will have excellent defensive capabilities as long as its shell is intact. It will also be protected from status conditions. But when its HP drops below half, its shell will break, and it will change to a form better suited to attacking.

Gumshoos is the evolved form of Yungoos, previously announced. It’s Normal-Type with the same ability as Yungoos.


Then comes more new Pokémon, Fomantis, which then evolves into Lurantis, both Grass-Types with the ability Leaf Guard, which prevents status problems in sunny weather.


Then comes the pre-evolution to the previously announced Mudslade, Mudbray. It’s Ground-Type with the same abilities as Mudslade.


Then we’re shown some cool stuff (that we kinda already knew); you can ride Pokémon! But not only that, it seems that you can ride multiple different types of Pokémon on different parts of the map! Shown here is Tauros, Mudslade, Sharpedo, and Charizard!

Next, they delve a bit deeper into what we’re to expect story/gameplay wise. It seems we must complete the Island Challenge – A rite of passage for Pokémon trainers in the Alola region. To do so, you must complete challenges by the Trail Captains: Mallow (Grass-Type), Lana (Water-Type), Sophocles (Electric-Type), and Kiawe (Fire-Type).

islamnd challenge

Not only that, but you have to defeat powerful Totem Pokémon at the end of each trial, including a Gumshoos which draws power from their aura and can call on allies to help battle you.


You also battle the Island Kahunas, like Hala, who keep watch over the islands.


Lastly, they showed something completely new: Z-Moves. There’s a Z-Move for each Pokémon Type and can be performed once per battle, kind of like Mega Pokémon. They showcased 4; the Electric attack Gigavolt Havoc, the Grass attack Bloom Doom, the Fire attack Inferno Overdrive, and the Water attack Hydro Vortex.

You can watch the trailer yourself right here!

We’ll keep you posted when the next Pokémon Sun and Moon news gets announced on August 12th! Pokémon Sun and Moon comes out November 18th in Australia on Nintendo 3DS consoles.