Snake Pass Coming To PlayStation 4

It takes a game with a considerable novelty to get me writing about a non-PC title. Snake Pass has most certainly piqued my interest, and that is why I bring this announcement to you today.

Snake Pass is a platforming game that centres, not on a legged critter, but instead a snake. Noodle (as he is called) will have you slithering and clambering on any surface as snakes do. Snakes do have long bodies (this is a common characteristic, also shared by worms and legless lizards) which means a simple task like crossing a log can turn into a slightly more challenging action.

An additional drawback of having no limbs (other than being unable to darn your own socks) is the lack of opposable thumbs. Leavers, buttons and rotating gears become a real challenge to interact with. I feel that no number of words would be able to communicate what the following trailer can instead show. So check it out!

I am extremely interested to see where this new novel adaption of a common genre can lead, especially as it was directed in part by the LittleBigPlanet community creator, Seb Liese. I am always glad to see new IP on the blocks and I am quite optimistic for the future of this experience. At the moment it is due to be released in 2017, we will be sure to let you know as we learn more about this slippery sweetie.

Are you intrigued by this new take on platforming? Let us know below!