A New Xbox Is on the Horizon

Recently, most of the talk surrounding Microsoft and PlayStation, has been the possibility for hardware upgrades for the Xbox One and PS4.  Coming off the coattails of the PlayStation 4 Neo announcement, information of an Xbox One hardware bump are abound.

Reports from Kotaku sources, and later corroborated by Polygon’s, have revealed two new Xbox models, the more powerful of which codenamed ‘Scorpio’.  Their sources claim Scorpio will contain a much more powerful GPU and release in 2017.  Talking in Teraflops, and let’s be honest, we love our flops; the current Xbox One is 1.32 Teraflops, while Scorpio would target 6.

To put it in comparison, the PS4 Neo is aiming for 4.14 Teraflops. However, both new iterations will include 4K support for video and games, with the latter most likely being upscaled from 1080p. Their sources also stated the Scorpio is designed to support output to the Rift.

Microsoft are also said to be announcing a new Xbox One slated for release later this year, appearing as a much slimmed down version.  According to The Verge, it will be 40% smaller than the current Xbox One.

The report added that the new consoles will form part of what the sources described as “Project Helix”, which will aim to converge Xbox One and Windows 10 gaming.

These developments seemingly indicate how Microsoft is moving towards an iterative approach on consoles, much like Apple and their products.  In March, Xbox boss Phil Spencer spoke of a PC-Like upgrade path, where the Xbox could see a future in the “capability of more iteration on hardware”.


A Day ago, Phil Spencer commented on the beginning of the new talk on Xbox One, here is his tweet!