A New Knights of the Old Republic Expansion Has Been Announced

Knights of the Eternal Throne has recently been announced by BioWare as the next expansion for their MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. It will develop a story arch that branches off from the previous expansion,  Knights of the Fallen Empire. This next set of content will release on the 2nd of December, in the meantime, check out this damn good CG trailer.

The trailer features the former wife of Emperor Valkorian from the previous expansion, and the development of her daughter into a new big-bad. I haven’t played Knights of the Fallen Empire, but by all accounts, it was very successful in bolstering what the game does best — story-driven adventures.

It has been a while since I’ve turned on the lights for The Old Republic, but this trailer has me reconsidering. Perhaps I should go back and complete all the expansion storylines…

You can check out the full details over at the announcement page.