4 Years of World of Tanks on Console

Wargaming revolutionised the modern gaming world. It was the first studio to prove that it is possible to do high quality AAA games with a $0 price tag and with that, in 2010, World of Tanks was released for the PC masses. It brought in fantastic review scores and proved exceptionally fun to play. As one of the first games to totally embrace a free-to-play model, which saw players being rewarded for playing, World of Tanks thrived. Friends brought their friends and the user base skyrocketed.

However, Our console comrades had to wait a number of years to share our experience. The release on console came much later in 2014, 4 years later. At the time there were three nations with around 100 tanks. To the present day the game has grown, now there are 9 nations with more that 600 tanks which fight across more than 90 maps. Since then players have fired about 44 billion shells and destroyed more than 2.9 billion tanks in over 90 million battles. For any game those figures are just bonkers.

There are a number of different things happening to celebrate this anniversary, Wargaming is giving away a Japanese Tier 2 Ashigaru Te-Ke tank to all players who login and win a battle this month. Given we are already half way through you should jump on this sooner rather than later! They are also giving away prints via social media, they are running a video competition, releasing new Chinese tanks and bringing for the first time 4k resolution.

If you haven’t tried World of Tanks yet… why not? There is no time like the present! Especially with the upcoming Xbox gold free weekend.