World of Warcraft: Demon Hunter Preview

The next expansion for World of Warcraft is about to come out, and with it, a new Hero Class, the Demon Hunter. It’s very exciting when a new class gets released into the game, they feel fresh and everyone wants to give them a go. The full expansion won’t release until the 30th of August, however, if you pre-order Legion you can get access to the Demon Hunter starting zone on the 10th, and level your very own from 98-100. This feature is designed to be a preview for the new class; It’ll start with a general overview of what the Demon Hunter has across both specialisations, and gradually get more specific. Perhaps if you’re interested you might come back to World of Warcraft a bit earlier to check it out!



So you want to make a Demon Hunter, but you can’t decide what race aye? Luckily for you, Demon Hunters can only be thecustomisation 1 master race, Elves. If you intend to be a Demon Hunter for the Horde, you must be a Blood Elf, or a Night Elf for the Alliance. With both races you have access to all the same styles as other classes for that race, along with many extras. When creating your Demon Hunter you’ll be able to pick from new Skin types, Tattoo Styles/Colours, Horns, and Blindfolds. You can finally create the Illidan Stormrage transmog you have wanted since The Burning Crusade.


mount and order hall

If you’re interested in collecting mounts, you’ll at least want to create a Demon Hunter and play it for 20 minutes to get your hands on the Fel Saber. You receive this mount free of charge and very quickly in the starter zone to help you get around.


And this, my friends, is the Fel Hammer. The Demon Hunter class order hall. Your main base of operations from which you will launch into the new lands, conquer your foes, level up your Artifact, and grow the power of your followers. It’s a fucking spaceship.

order hall


Spectral sight

While the Demon Hunter is split into two specialisations: Havoc, and Vengeance, there are abilities that are shared between both of them. The first of which is Spectral Sight. This ability has a short cooldown and allows you to see through walls to find enemies and hidden treasures. It is also a very useful tool on the PVP battlefield as it will unveil players in stealth.

Spectral sight

Double jump and glide

Double Jump and Glide is also available for the entire class. It works as it does in any other game, press spacebar twice in a row to perform a magnificent double jump, and hold on spacebar after that to maintain a glide. Never again will you have to wait for that pesky elevator, or carry along hordes of Goblin Glider Kits to prevent falling aimlessly to your death.


But I know what you’re thinking. How do I transform into a massive hulking demon and beat shit up? Well, with a press of a button of course! The ability is called Metamorphosis and is present for both tank and damage specialisations, either providing you a massive health and pain boost, or dealing extensively more damage. Regardless, they’re both totally badass.



If you’ve been living under a rock, Artifacts are the new weapons in Legion. They replace all weapon drops, and the focus will be on powering up your artifact. Each specialisation has it’s own Artifact (3 per class, apart from Demon Hunter). Therefore, the Demon Hunter has an Artifact for both the Havoc and Vengeance talent specialisations.

For Havoc you will see a Warglaive akin to Illidan’s prised blades:


While vengeance possesses a slightly altered design but still very cool looking:


Players will be able to customise their glaives throughout the expansion. The complete set of tints and appearances can be found over here.



Havoc represents the damage spec of the Demon Hunter. It’s fast, agile, and strong. To boil it down to a very simplistic description, you generate your resource (fury) with certain abilities and talent combinations, to spend it on more powerful damaging abilities. There is a plethora of damage cooldowns and passives that link up with one another, which require synergy and skill to perform to the absolute maximum of the class’ potential.

The most enjoyable aspect of Havoc, in my opinion, is the speed and fury of the abilities and animations, which are presently rivaled by nothing else in the game. They are fast, stylish and perfectly represent the playstyle of the class. Abilities such as Vengeful Retreat, Felblade and Fel Rush, which have you engaging in backflip leaps, and charging into the action as part of the standard damage rotation, accentuate this class fantasy. Other noteworthy abilities include: Eye Beam and Chaos Strike.



Vengeance represents the Tank talent specialisation of the Demon Hunter. While not sporting as many agile abilities as its Havoc counterpart, it still has a lot of neat tools at its disposal. The primary means of surviving through damage (as is a tanks duty) is by generating Pain through a standard rotation and damage intake. This pain is used to provide defensive buffs and add a thick scaly skin to the Demon Hunter through Demonspikes. The other aspect of the rotation revolves around generating Soul Fragmentswhich can be splintered off of the enemies through numerous attacks. Collecting these soul fragments will help sustain the player’s health.

Additionally, Vengeance Demon Hunters use a range of defensive abilities such as Soul Barrier, and utilise damaging attacks in combination with talents and so on to augment their defensive capabilities. Such powerful abilities include Fiery Brand, which places a damaging mark and weakens the enemy, and Fel Devestation, which is a very powerful eye beam that heals the player at the same time. In terms of the Vengeance toolkit, Sigils are particularly interesting. The Sigil variation provides utility in every situation; does the group need a slow? A stun? Or simply just more damage?

Unfortunately, in my opinion, Vengeance has some key gameplay issues. The general rotation is fairly repetitive and all the interesting abilities are on lengthy cooldowns, leading to most of your time being invested into spamming one ability to reset another. The animations are still very cool though, and with a little time I’m sure Blizzard will adjust the specialisation to make it more fun moment to moment.



pre-patch warmup

So you’ve pre-purchased Legion and are set on playing a Demon Hunter. First things first, complete the starting zone and get your character to level 100. It’s an enjoyable and relatively quick zone, fun for those of you who love World of Warcraft Lore. Unfortunately, you will only have access to the first two talent tiers before Legion comes out, which is pretty limiting. However, in this time you might want to gear up your Demon Hunter and prepare it for levelling the following month. The most efficient way to do this is to immediately head to Tanaan Jungle by accepting a quest in your garrison. I’ll say it here, Tanaan is an incredibly boring zone. The quests are grindy and it feels like a chore, but it shouldn’t take too long to get a reasonable amount of gear. From here you can go into Mythic Dungeons or Raids to further progress your character. If you’re looking for something more to do after that, perhaps go build a luxurious transmog collection. Happy hunting!


If you’re looking for guides, I suggest you check out wowhead and icy-veins.



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