Seven Years Later, I May Finish Skyrim on Switch

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It was a cozy Christmas morning in Hobart, my family’s holiday retreat, when I received a brand new Extreme Speed Micro-SD card from Santa. Finally, I could download and install The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim on my Nintendo Switch. Over five hours on, I’m beginning to think I may actually finish it this time.


As I’m sure many of you can relate, my journey with Skyrim began in 2011. I bought it on PC and got up early in the morning to lose myself in the world. 20 Hours in, I restarted and restarted again, perpetually unable to land on what type of character I truly desired. It fell into my backlog, with my conscience convincing myself that I’d “return to it in a bit”.

So, over a year later I jumped back in, but now there were mods… So many mods. Which Armour mod do I want? Ooo that’s a cool selection of Weapons, I may as well just console-command myself the materials to build them. But when the dust cleared, and all I was left with was an abundance of over-powered gear and hundreds of blacksmithing materials littering the ground around the forge, I was bored once again. The temptation to mod the game broke my ability to stick to a natural progression, so I lost interest.


Fast forward another two years, and I’m a university student with too much time on my hands. I looked up a youtube guide on how to make a good battlemage, who relies on conjuring, destruction and melee force. I bought the expansions in a Steam Sale, became a Vampire, and resolved only to install graphics mods. Alas, whilst I made it further into the game than any other attempt to date, I fell off.

And now it’s Christmas 2017, I’ve spent another $70 on the Switch version of Skyrim, and I love it!

Since starting the game, I haven’t recognised a dip in framerate, which I presume is locked at 30. Similarly, I continue to be amused and enthralled by having such an enormous world in the palm of my hands. But that’s more of a ‘me’ thing. Graphically, on the Switch screen, the game looks crisp, albeit a bit short of foliage and drab in areas, whilst the docked experience keeps the same performance but appears like 360-era visuals.


The game doesn’t appear to drain power any quicker than Zelda: Breath of the Wild, though that is just an anecdotal perspective, and loading times feel very short. I’ve never had the reverence for Skyrim that others seem to, but despite its many flaws, exploring the world and designing my character is keeping me engaged; it’s the perfect contribution to a lazy day on the couch watching TV. Thanks to the console’s convenience, Skyrim on Switch is likely to be a game I will persistently revisit, and maybe (just maybe), I’ll actually finish it this time around.

If you’re looking for a good Switch game, and know what you’re getting with Skyrim, I wholeheartedly recommend it!

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