PAX Aus 2016 – Make a Strip Panel

Sitting in on this years Make a Strip Panel was an entertaining and interesting experience. The essence of this panel is quite simple. It is Gabe and Tycho talking, drawing and writing. The have a concept for a comic and creating from start to finish. Along the way they are going through questions submitted by the audience.

This constant stream of thoughts from both Mark and Jerry on a huge range of topics was refreshingly frank. Conversations drifted across many topics. Of the ramblings there were a few different topics that stood out.

One of the biggest topics that seemed to come up quite regularly was that of mental health. It is something which both Gabe and Tycho closely relate to as they have also gone through periods where they too have learned how to cope with the stresses.

There were many other topics that were not quite so well explored, but were quite entertaining none-the-less. The US election was frequently mocked through both question modifiers and the questions themselves.

Question modifiers were an awesome addition that added a little additional spice the answering the questions. What they did was force answers to be given in particular ways. The most entertaining of which required that they start answering questions in the form of a political debate.

Also eliciting laughs from the crowds were some of the pronunciations for some of the more famous small towns. I am sorry Bendigo and Ballarat, you are now Ben’die’go and Ballara’.  Apart from the final comic itself, there was one moment that really stood out. Windows 10 and its damn updates. With only 30 minutes to go, Windows decided to do its thing. It was kind enough to wait a few minutes before it restarted in front of our eyes.  Classic Windows.

If you ever get a chance sit in on one of these events in the future I would strongly recommend it. Both Mike and Jerry have very keen senses of humour that make for great listening. It was good, occasionally clean, entertainment all around.


Julian has been involved in the games industry for more than a couple of years now, from working in retail to developing board games to judging Magic: the Gathering tournaments Australia wide. Now as a writer for OK Games he likes to explore niche titles that try to approach gaming from a different perspective. Now all he needs to do is start finishing all those games in his Steam Library...