I Am Addicted to Wizard of Legend

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A couple of weeks ago I was perusing the Nintendo eShop when I was struck by a very pretty game icon. That game, of course, was Wizard of Legend by Contingent99, a two-person indie developer. It came out two days ago, and since then I’ve been squeezing in my time with it wherever I can – I’m addicted, and more people need to play this game. Between its unforgiving difficulty, well-paced progression, and extremely in-depth customisation options, Wizard of Legend makes you feel like an absolute powerhouse. It gives you the tools to live your Air/Earth/Fire/Water-bending dreams, whilst at the same time offering a tight compact experience which continually pulls you back in.

There are very few games I actively keep up-to-date with the subreddit for, but the intense level of customisation keeps pushing me to explore alternative spell combinations, look for hints, and gasp in awe at peoples’ short 10-second clips.

Wizard of Legend is a rogue-lite which, at its core, focusses on a simple combo system, in which you weave individual spells together to inflict devastating attacks. But the depth in the gameplay is far from simple. There are a variety of relics, robes, and spells (enhanced, normal and signature), all of which combine in limitless ways to create a playstyle you feel most comfortable with. The key to the game is experimentation, I’ve been in and out of dungeons, constantly looking for my favoured combination to take me through to the last boss.

Right now, I’m straight-up just an airbender; I start most combat scenarios doing a single rotation of my standard wind-based attack, following up with a whirlwind spell which helps me stun-lock and group all the enemies in the room into a tight clump, then I unleash with a spiralling wind attack which locks the pack down and inflicts a ton of damage before flinging them into the distance. I’ve also experimented with explosive fire builds, and a build focussed around a single ability to zip between all enemies with a electric AOE attack.


This experimentation is needed because the game is bloody hard. There is a dash, but no invulnerability frames, and they frequently group varying elemental and physical enemies together. This combination, in cahoots with limited health pick ups and deadly traps, can toss any hopes of continuing the level if you don’t put a bit of thought into each encounter. I haven’t played the game in coop yet, so the jury is still out whether or not this hightens or lowers the difficulty, but I’m sure it’s going to be a blast (get it?).

That being said, the game isn’t without its shortcomings. The lack of information on spells and items before you purchase them forces you to consult a wiki, and overtime the simplistic design of the dungeon can be a bit disappointing. There’s also a problem being reported by players trying to play coop with two separate controllers (rather than 2 individual joycons), that they simply aren’t being picked up by the game. Additionally, the biggest change I would KILL for is to make enemies’ projectiles collide with other enemies, which would make the encounters take a next level step to awesomeness. Though, it seems the developers (there’s only two of them!) do appear receptive to the feedback and are working very hard to both fix up some launch issues and produce more content.

If you’re looking for some truly unique gameplay, and don’t mind the rogue-lite loop, I’d heavily suggest giving Wizard of Legend a go! It’s out on Xbox One, PC, PS4 and Switch.

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