Furi on Switch Is a Whole Lotta Fun

Disclosure ‐ A copy of Furi for Switch was provided by The Game Bakers for the purpose of this article

In 2016, a frenetic, bullet-hell boss-rush game was released on the PC and PlayStation 4. Today, it comes out on the Switch. Furi held a special place in my heart; it tapped into my keen desire to learn, adapt and improvise my way through increasingly challenging bosses. It left such an impression, that during our Game of the Year arguments at the end of 2017, I nominated it for ‘Game we most want re-released on the Switch’. So you can imagine my excitement — not two weeks later — when I saw it in the coming soon section of the eShop. After having beaten the first 5 bosses, I feel confident divulging my opinion of it thus far.

Although I was only two bosses from finishing Furi on PC, I never did drum up the perseverance to pull it back up and cross it off my backlog. I’m a bit of a weird one; I’m naturally very good at boss-rush games and don’t struggle for too long on each level. However, the problem is that as soon as I hit a wall, and especially if it’s six or so bosses down the line, my motivation instantly deflates. If I don’t struggle too hard on earlier bosses, I never build up patience and resolve to push forward. I always assumed the only solution to that (beyond personal development which is a no-go) would be to give me a very convenient way to keep going back to my point of trauma. Therefore, I’m pleased to report that Furi on Switch is a near-perfect adaptation of the PC/PS4 version, that gives me hope I may someday finish it.

Firstly, the controls feel tight and there appears to be no delay or sluggishness when attempting to enact precise movements. For obvious reasons, the optimum way to play Furi is with a Pro Controller, though aside from some (potentially) very sweaty joycons, I’ve had no trouble with the portable controls. Similarly, after having beaten six of the bosses, I’m yet to notice any dip in framerate during the boss fights. That being said, a lot of the cutscenes and walking sequences have been a bit choppy, but that has no real bearing on the enjoyment of the game.


If you’ve never played Furi, you might think that the graphics have taken a downturn on the Switch port, however, the title never boasted a very high fidelity design. Indeed, what it lacks in graphics, it makes up for in a unique and colourful style that is accompanied by a blood-pumping synthonic score. In fact, the simple visuals help communicate the extremely complex level of mechanics that can be flailing towards you all at once.

Furi stresses, excites and frustrates me, but it’s bloody fun and has a weird talking Rabbit dude. So, if you like boss-rush games and have a Switch, I can’t recommend it enough!

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