Aside from a Colourful Artstyle, Super Lucky’s Tale Is Nothing Special


Now toting a very unfortunate name, Super Lucky’s Tale is the 3D-Platformer adapted from Lucky’s Tale, a game developed for the Oculus Rift by Playful Corporation. The title will be launching exclusively for Xbox One and PC, which is probably going to make it even harder to sell given its (so far) mediocrity.

Super Lucky’s Tale is a simple game, you’re an adorable fox who can double jump, burrow underground (because they can do that?), and hit enemies with your tail. Lucky collects coins, finds secrets and braves 3D-platforming challenges. In the demo I played at PAX Aus, the level branched off into three areas, each which had cores that were needed to power a giant Golem. There was also a kitten Sensai who challenged Lucky’s ability. Throughout the level there were small dungeons to find coins, but overall the area was very narrow and easy to traverse.

The movement animations are fluid and not hard to grasp, however, the overall ‘feel’ was a bit loose; jumping felt floaty and imprecise. Though, these controls were probably made worse by the struggling framerate which seemed to drop below 30. Given the game is close to release, and I was playing on a prototype Xbox One X in 4K, it doesn’t bode well for the game’s ultimate performance review. Additionally, the boss fight seemed uninventive, and the platforming on display offered little of note. Except for fire. So, so much fire.


Now don’t get me wrong, Super Lucky’s Tale is a bright and colourful game. The vibrant pastels have an almost ‘low-polly’ look to them which just makes you want to smile. But it’s a shame that aside from the artstyle, it doesn’t offer up anything new. The platforming, charm and overall gameplay have been done much better in the past, while the dipping performance makes it an even less attractive option. That being said, if you’re looking for a pretty, relaxing and serviceable 3-D platformer, maybe Super Lucky’s Tale is for you!

Super Lucky’s Tale will release on Windows 10 and Xbox One on the 7th of November.

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