An Open Letter to the OK Games Family

Hello everyone!

If we haven’t had a chance to speak yet, my name is Josh Ennor and this website is my brain child. A little over 12 months ago I sent a text to a bunch of my mates and asked them how they felt about trying their hand at a gaming website. Before I knew it we got together in my tiny little office and got started.

Here we are now, fast approaching our first birthday and I honestly cannot believe the wonderful reception that we have received from all of you. It is overwhelming, to say the absolute least.

We’ll come back to my undying love for you all, but let’s talk about 2016 first.

(Side note: We recently launched a little feedback survey, which if you haven’t had a chance to do yet, we’d really love it if you could! It only takes about 2 minutes and it would helps us make our site better. Here’s the link!)


This year is going to be very exciting for us as we look to expand our team, our content, our reach and to solidify our spot in the Australian Video Gaming industry. We’re going at this pretty blindly, we’re going to make a lot of mistakes, we’re going to make changes to a lot of things if for no other reason than to experiment. I cannot promise that you’ll all like these changes, I cannot promise that we’ll keep all the changes that you DO like. But what I CAN promise is that we will always, ALWAYS listen to you. It might seem tacky but I believe I speak for the whole team when I say that you’re our friends. And we take advice from our friends. So please, PLEASE never hesitate to email me, “Facebook” me, tweet me or jump on Skype and have a chat. I’ll put all my details down the bottom and you can do with them what you will.


We are currently in the process of redesigning the site from the ground up and I am really excited to show you all what we and our web wizard Travis have been working on. It will have an easier navigation system (the header will actually link to the homepage!), a fresh new layout that will make it super easy for you to find all the latest news and reviews and super polished, super clean feel. We’re also going to be really focusing on video content and we are currently getting our production skills up as fast as we can.

At the end of the day we want to be your go-to location for everything to do with gaming. We know it’s going to be a long and difficult road. But to quote the wonderful Australian hip-hop artist, Biggs.

Anything worth having ain’t never coming easy.”

Yes, I know it’s a double negative. But you get what I mean!

So, I guess to round this whole thing out, I really just want to say thank you. If you’ve ever shared a link to one of our articles, thank you. If you’ve ever told a friend about the podcast, thank you. If you ever accidentally clicked on our site and then immediately clicked ‘back’, thank you less, but still thank you! If you’ve ever bought a game based on our recommendation, thank you. You have given me the motivation and purpose that I was missing in my professional life. You’ve worked your way into my personal life and I know for a fact that I started 2016 with many more friends than I did in 2015.

Never be afraid to follow an idea. Never be afraid of making a fool of yourself. Never think that you are any less great than I do, ’cause I think you’re pretty goddamn great.

Thanks again, guys.


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As an only child with a single parent, money was tight. But his Mum scrounged and saved to get him his first computer. On it was DOOM, Dungeon Keeper and Take No Prisoners. From then until now, video games have ruled his life. Outside of that, he loves animals, books, a good conversation/discussion/disagreement and the Sacramento Kings.