PAX AUS 2016 – Aura of Worlds

Hiding in the middle of the PAX Rising floor, behind a bunch of people watching on, was Melbourne-based devs Cognitive Forge, the guys (and girls) behind a little roguelike title called Aura of Worlds.

Now, I’ve learned from past experiences to not let looks deceive and this game is no exception. IT’S HARD! You traverse through procedurally generated worlds with different themes of things that can and will destroy you, eg: mines through water channels, rising lava pools, poisonous piranha, and just general things like lamps that are slightly too hot. Its pixel art is set in dark locations of dimly lit caves and forests and it’s not too scarce or cluttered. Something else that I really like was the fact that you can use the world to your ability.

The enemies you face can be damaged by everything you can be damaged by, including each other. A lot of things throughout the world can be picked up and used as cover or as a weapon and the range of weapons and items you have per level makes it interesting and keeps it fresh. The ability to buy new weapons, potions and other stuff between levels is real handy too if you want to give yourself a little advantage in the next level.

I’m not lying about it being intense either. The obstacles and enemies in the way as you’re climbing for your life against quick-rising lava makes your heart race just a little bit. Especially with the cheering from your friends and the devs as they watch on. The levels are randomised in their themes, with bosses, puzzles, and mazes so each time you play, you’ll be treated to something different. It was a nice change of pace to have a go of a fun single-player platformer over the plethora of couch co-op and real-time strategy games that were around the PAX Rising floor (not that that’s a bad thing).

Does thing sound down your alley? Check out these screenshots!

If you’d like to support Aura of Worlds and the Cognitive Force team, you can support them get the Greenlight on Steam! Just find them HERE!